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Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The ancient theater of Epidaurus is considered to be the finest ancient Greek theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics. It was designed by Polycleitus the Younger in the 4th century p.Ch. The theater admired for its amazing acoustics, which allows almost perfect clarity of the spoken words from the scene to the 15,000 spectators, regardless of the order of their position. The theater was built for the amusement of Asclepius's patients and as a remedy because it was believed that the monitoring theater had beneficial effects on mental and physical health of patients.

Since 1955 the Epidaurus Festival was inaugurated and it includes performances at the ancient theater every summer. As part of the Epidaurus Festival at the Epidaurus Theater have appeared some of the greatest Greek and foreign actors and the famous Greek soprano [Maria Callas].

Feel the unique experience offered by a theatrical play in Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, and a musical performance at the Little Theatre of Epidaurus. It is worth it!

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In the cove of the plain of Argolis Mycenaean is the most important archaeological site. The crown jewel of Mycenae, the famous Lion Gate, the entrance of the acropolis which bears the oldest example of monumental sculpture in Europe. The wider area of the citadel bears royal tombs, Mycenaean foundations dwellings, granaries, the palace complex and the area outside the citadel there are also a number of important tombs in the tomb of the Lions, of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra and the tomb of the legendary "Atreus' or tomb of Agamemnon, which was the golden funerary mask that is considered to be the face of Agamemnon.

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The low hill of Tiryns, in the 8th km of the road Argos-Nafplio, continuously inhabited since the Neolithic Age to late antiquity. In prehistoric times, the area flourished mainly during the early and late Bronze Age. In the second phase of the Early Helladic (2700-2200 BC) must have been an important center here with dense residential construction and a unique circular structure 27 meters in diameter at the top of the hill.

During the Late Bronze Age fortified hill gradually into the surrounding "Cyclopean" walls of the palace complex and other buildings used primarily by the ruling class as places of worship, warehouses and workshops as well as residences. In historical times, Tiryns, although it should be in the form of an organized political community, could not compete with Argos, which destroyed the first half of the fifth century exiled its inhabitants.

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Ancient Corinth

Corinth in the south eastern tip of the Peloponnese, the home of Sisyphus and the hero Bellerophon, was one of the oldest Greek cities and among the most important.



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